overwatch-origins-edition-xbox-oneFirst person shooters come and go. Some are memorable while others fade away into relative obscurity.  Overwatch is of the former. While it may not be for the Call of Duty generation, it is for the gamer who is looking for a game crammed with exciting and colourful maps, an extremely large choice of unique characters with a vast variety of skills and who enjoy working together as a team. There is no campaign but that doesn’t hinder the game at all. It is an online game, built for online playing.

Blizzard has done an amazing job at creating a game that flows like water. Having played the game multiple times I have yet to find a single glitch. There is no fear of being stuck in a wall, falling through the ground or finding yourself unable to move. It is a game that has been treated with love and respect and it shows as soon as you insert the disc into your console.

Gameplay wise there is nothing major to complain about. As with all games, there are a few niggles with characters being overpowered. Something that can be ironed out as the weeks and months go by. It doesn’t hinder the game per se but can be quite frustrating being shot once in the face with an arrow and killed after consistently shooting the enemy with a turret.

To begin with, the game can seem a bit slow, especially as you can’t make the characters run at a pace you may be used to in other games. This can be quite annoying when you get eliminated and need to reach the area you are meant to be attacking or defending quickly. I have found that trying to get my way back to the battle can be a little tedious.

What Blizzard have done with the levelling up system is quite nice too. Yes, you can level up, but you cannot upgrade weapons or abilities. This means everyone is even. No one can blast their way through you without you having the chance to retaliate. There are loot boxes you acquire every time you level up which gives you new skins for your favourite characters, sprays that you can then use on walls and doors to leave your mark and currency that can help you purchase skins, voices and even winning poses.

junkrat overwatch

A lot of first-person shooters have a handful of forgettable characters that quickly become boring and somewhat of a chore to use. Overwatch is completely different regarding this due to the twenty-one playable characters that are available from the beginning of the game. That’s right. Twenty-one. Each has their own special abilities and weapons. I won’t lie, yes, I do have favourites. Certain characters call to the way in which I play, it doesn’t mean that the others aren’t any good. Whatever your play style you will find a character that suits you.

Whether it’s my favourite, Bastion, the lovable robot who has a built-in turret that is extremely handy when you are backed into a corner, and the special ability turn himself into a tank that launches grenades at your foes. You might be the kind of player who likes to snipe, then Widowmaker is the woman for you with her sniper rifle and the ability to use her infrared senses to show the rest of your team where the enemy is lurking, while also having the added advantage of having a grappling hook to get to those high to reach places.

If those don’t sound like your cup of tea you can always be Reinhardt, his ability to cast up a shield is vital in the game. Not only will it help you force your way into the rival teams personal space it also allows your team that level of support that is needed with a full on attack.

mercy overwatch

It’s not all about how well you can shoot the enemy, there is also the choice to be a healer which is an important part to play in the team. If you see your fellow teammate in peril you can use your ability to support them and give them that much-needed health boost to help them conquer their foes.

What I find most enjoyable about the game is the end where you get to see the play of the game showcase. This is where a player is highlighted for their ability to defeat as many players as possible or show how someone was able to defend and heal the team. There is also the added bonus of being singled out for your use of defending, attacking, most eliminations, the list goes on. This is where the players of the game get to vote on who they felt made the biggest impact on the match.

Overwatch is a game that caters to the gamer who likes to have a good time. The simplistic yet spacious maps are a pleasure to play through. The characters are loveable, fun and easy to use. The gameplay is nearly flawless and the servers are quicker than most. I have had a LOT of pleasure trying out the different characters to see what their strengths and weaknesses are, what maps I prefer and what gameplay mode I like to play through. It’s definitely up there with the big name first person shooters that gamers flock to buy. If you’re looking for something different, something quirky, new and easy to play then Overwatch is the game for you.

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review-overwatchA first person shooter with something for everyone. Fluid gameplay and a fun factor to rival many, Overwatch is a well-made game and it shows. Easy to pick up and play and will amuse you for hours. Addictive, sometimes frustrating with so many characters to choose from, this is one game you will never grow bored of.
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