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    Far Cry New Dawn review – The Apocalypse Has Never Looked...

    With Far Cry New Dawn, Ubisoft delivers a new twist to the milked-out concept of the post-apocalyptic adventure. Instead of the clichéd weathered cities...

    Space Hulk: Deathwing Enhanced Edition review – Hulk Smash!

    Space Hulk – Death Wing Enhanced Edition is mostly a solid Warhammer 40k experience, players just need to ignore some of the in-game sound FX. Even if players aren’t familiar to the 40K universe, Space Hulk is accessible for all FPS enthusiasts.

    France Getting its Own Rainbow 6 Tournament with ‘6 Major Paris’

    Ubisoft has announced that 16 of the best Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six® Pro League teams will meet in France for the Six Major Paris,...

    SUPERHOT review: a hypnotic blend of action, style and repetition

    Immersive, addictive and extremely frustrating, SUPERHOT is a first person shooter like no other. With its unique ability to suspend time until you choose...

    Review: Overwatch

    First person shooters come and go. Some are memorable while others fade away into relative obscurity.  Overwatch is of the former. While it may...

    Preview: Overwatch Beta

    If you enjoy fun filled first person shooters with a twist, a myriad of colourful characters and lots of unique maps then Blizzard’s Overwatch...