It has been confirmed that DOOM will be free to play this weekend while its multiplayer DLC will be free forever. This was announced in ID Software’s latest update for DOOM, update 6.66.

Included in the three Multiplayer packs are nine maps, three additional guns, three additional playable demons, new equipment, armor sets and more.

They’ve also completely overhauled the multiplayer progression system. So, instead of unlocking new guns and other equipment through the random unlock system, players will now have to meet certain leveling targets and/or in game challenges.

“With this update, we’ve changed when and how players unlock additional guns, demons, equipment and all of the player and weapon customization options. Instead of relying on the current random unlock system, everything now unlocks through specific leveling requirements and/or in-game challenges. Now, if there’s a specific helmet you want, you can work toward unlocking it by focusing your play style on the related challenge. We’re confident new and veteran players alike will enjoy the control and predictability in this new multiplayer progression system.” Game Director, Marty Stratton said on the Bethesda Blog.

For those veteran players who’ve unlocked a ton of equipment won’t lose any of their gadgets. Instead, Bethesda will add any item you haven’t unlocked to the new system. And for those players who’ve achieved the top slayer status, you’ll receive a special badge icon to show their status to fellow players.

They’ve also replaced the Hack system with an all-new runes system. “Much like the Runes system from the DOOM campaign, multiplayer Runes are now persistent player abilities earned and included in a player loadout. Unlike the previous Hack Modules, Runes do not need to be activated and do not expire.” The HUD has also been overhauled.

The free weekend of DOOM where you can play the first two levels of the single player campaign will kick off today for Xbox One and PC at 5 pm Irish Time and 6 pm Irish Time for PC. The PS4 trial will begin on the 27th of July at 5 pm Irish time.

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