You’re lost, hungry and confused. And no, I’m not talking about your daily life. Welcome to Rogue Islands, an all-new fantasy FPS developed by Keystone Games.

You Died. You tried, but you still died. Again, and again. You will be left to your own accord right from the beginning forcing you to create your own path. However, take heed… Death isn’t something you should take lightly as Rouge Islands’ incorporates the controversial “PermaDeath” feature. Dying too many times exhausting all your lives results in your games’ save automatically being deleted. This forces you back to the games beginning.

Finding food, shelter, and resources to craft lives or fuel for your ship will always be one of your main priorities as any decision you make could easily be your last. Tread carefully, young wizard.

Enemies of all kinds fly, crawl and walk around the vast worlds you will discover. Whether you’re Deep in the mountains, forests or ruins you will be forced to quickly create decisions that you may not be prepared for. Here’s a piece of advice to new players, be conscious of the games’ time. The games’ difficulty multiples sevenfold once the sun sets. Relentless enemies will spawn and hunt you down as you roam in the darkness.

If against all odds, you survive, kill and sneak your way around all the ruthless enemies, you are rewarded. Well, rewarded is a term I use lightly due to the fact the reward is one of the games several bosses, “The Lords of Torment”. And guys, trust me, the name does them justice. Seek out The Lords of Torment and god forbid you manage to take them down, you encounter the games’ Final Boss, “The Prime Torment”.

At first glance, Rogue Islands’ pixelated art style resembles Minecraft. But don’t be mistaken, Rogue Islands is definitely something you shouldn’t brush off and categorise so easily. Looking past the first impressions, Rogue Islands is a surprisingly well-delivered title. I found myself quickly immersing myself dedicating large chunks of my time into its gameplay. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a hard person to please. I find myself pulling apart games quite frequently, pointing out parts I dislike or parts that could be done better. But in all truth, for an Early Access preview, Rouge Islands is surprisingly good. I started downloading Rouge from my Games’ library expecting to uninstall it pretty quickly, but truth be told I think this is one of the titles I will find myself investing a good few extra hours into.

Keystone Games will be using their profits from the game to support life limited and disabled children, via the Over The Wall (SeriousFun) Children’s charity which helps thousands of children every year. So now, you guys can slam your keyboards with rage for a good cause. Dark Souls fans, this ones for you.

Rouge Islands released on the 12th September and is available on Steam here:


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