Who is more appealing to the public? Adele or Tom Petty? nSync or Patti Smith? Top of the Spots is a browser game that offers players a choice of two tracks and simply asks which one has been listened to most on ubiquitous music streaming service Spotify.

Unsurprisingly the opportunity to be let down by society’s lack of taste has taken the internet by storm.

Genuinely impressive

In the olden days (like, pre-2005) it was easy to gauge how popular a given artist was – for our neck of the woods it was Top of the Pops and its physical sales charts. Nowadays it isn’t quite as simple with several more sales channels and playback metrics to consider. But if there was one number to rule them all, it would be ‘all-time plays’ on music streaming king Spotify. So Top of the Spots is a close approximation of just how popular any given song has been for the ‘streaming era’ of music.

Looking at this makes me think you are wrong, Louis

Available for Most Things

Top of the Pops is an in-browser quiz as already mentioned and worked on any devices and browsers we have tried. If you haven’t been sent a link on WhatsApp, Twitter or Facebook by now – here’s the link again.

Top of the Spots
I managed to be less naïve on my second go…
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