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    Red Dead Redemption 2 review – Brokehorse Mountain

    2,000+ words on the biggest game of the year - there is so much to love in Red Dead Redemption 2 but it's flawed. Some concessions to the 'cinema' of the game hurt its playability and the posse of characters aren't that relatable, likeable or memorable.

    Warriors Orochi 4 review – The Tenth Half-Decent ‘Warriors’ Game. Yay.

    A thoroughly decent stab at a sub-genre that has been bled dry. Newcomers will enjoy the magic/combo system for a while before the boredom hits and interest in the story mightn't be enough to pull a player through. The lacklustre environments and copypasta hordes of Putties add to the slog. Long-time fans will find the Magic system enlightening but the heavy recycling of assets will be noted.

    Red Faction Guerrilla: Re-MARS-tered review – Destroyed by a Poor Bash:Crash...

    A still-impressive engine and the freedom to destroy are worth a few hours of your time. But a combination of innate repetition and the distracting technical issues undermine the foundation of a lost classic, bringing it crashing down.

    Legend of Kay Anniversary review: Kung Fu Blanda

    For Switch users the remaster of the Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy is out at the end of June, don’t spend your money on Legend of Kay, buy that instead.

    The Fall review – Taking an Unfortunate Tumble

    For a title that has seen various platform releases over the last four years, The Fall leaves a lot to be desired in more than one area. The control scheme could be an easy fix but simply hasn’t been touched since release which is a shame.

    Conan Exiles review – Unintentionally Harsh and Cruel

    There is a little potential buried underneath the rubble that is Conan Exiles. The world, though sparse and slightly ugly does fit the license. The PvP is suitably unforgiving, the challenge of surviving the game brings out the worst in people and the best in the game.

    State of Decay 2 review – SoD Giveth, SoD Taketh Away

    State of Decay 2's world building and feeling of stress during survival is commendable. But the game eventually grinds the will to go on and never builds the same emotional connections as it predecessor.

    Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds Review – An Excellent Addition

    If you’re hungry for another journey with Aloy, The Frozen Wilds is a must buy, as we will be waiting for many years for Horizon Zero Dawn 2. Or will it be called Horizon One Dawn?

    SUPERHOT review: a hypnotic blend of action, style and repetition

    Immersive, addictive and extremely frustrating, SUPERHOT is a first person shooter like no other. With its unique ability to suspend time until you choose...