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    ePremier League to Kick-off in January of 2019

    One of the world’s biggest professional sports leagues is preparing to step into the world of eSports. The English Premier League is venturing into...

    FIFA 19 In-Depth review – Tactically Outfoxed but Improving

    The new Kick-Off mode, FUT rivals and three-strand Journey are inviting ways to package FIFA's arcade brand of soccer. However, the engine itself is becoming a little long in the tooth - even with a looser brand of football and a useful tactical upgrade.

    FIFA 19 ‘New Kick Off’ Mode preview – Return of the...

    'New Kick Off' mode is probably the most exciting feature that FIFA 19 and it nigh-on killed me to keep it under wraps. Games companies get accused of neglecting couch multiplayer. 'House Rules' is easily the coolest thing to happen to a football game since indoor games in the otherwise abysmal FIFA '97.

    FIFA’s Matt Prior on Loot Box Controversy: “Tarred with the One...

    FIFA's Matt Prior: "There is a blanket approach to how people react to MTX (microtransactions) even though they are all very different and FUT ends up in the same breath as those which are blatantly pay-to-win. We end up being tarred with the same brush when you are talking across the whole board."

    FIFA 19 preview – Far from Finished but Massively Different

    0 played FIFA 19's preview build and were impressed. While the demo had many issues and could be a scrappy experience, it has potential. FIFA 19 seems to place more control in a player's hands with greater room for error as well as excellence.

    Even by EA’s Standard That Show Was a Shocker

    I'm not even sure how to start this piece. That EA show has to be one of the worst E3 shows I've ever seen....

    EA @ E3 2018… Why God, Why?

    Electronic Arts at E3. Nothing drains the E3 hype from me than watching an hour and a half show where EA suits show us...