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    FIFA 19 In-Depth review – Tactically Outfoxed but Improving

    The new Kick-Off mode, FUT rivals and three-strand Journey are inviting ways to package FIFA's arcade brand of soccer. However, the engine itself is becoming a little long in the tooth - even with a looser brand of football and a useful tactical upgrade.

    PES 2019 Online & Offline review* – Best 90 Minutes of...

    Whilst almost every other reviewer was happy to s**t out a review of the offline modes only in order to meet the embargo, I have actually played and reviewed the full game. Enjoy.

    Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 demo review – Solid Tekkerz, Tactically Naive

    Pro Evolution Soccer 2019's demo is promising with with quite a few improvements on display. Passing and shooting are looser with more room for mistakes. Online play feels snappier and previous titles' persistent lag seems to have been solved. The AI seems a little tactically one-dimensional across the demo's 12 teams with few strategic patterns being seen.
    2018 World Cup

    FIFA 18: 2018 World Cup DLC review – Missing a Sitter

    2018 World Cup is free to download but that isn't much of an excuse for a fairly lazy add-on

    World Cup Showdown – Pro Ev 2018 vs. FIFA 18

    The US, Rep. of Ireland, N. Ireland, Scotland and Wales didn't qualify. England will be beaten in disgrace by a minnow or beaten on penalties in the quarter-finals. That means 90% of readers will have plenty of time on their hands to digitally recreate the Soviet Soccer Sojourn to their liking.

    Three Ireland’s eStars are Coming to the 3Arena

    The final of Three Ireland's eStars is heading to the 3Arena on Sunday 13th of May where we will see the best eSports players...

    FIFA 18 review – Eat that! …And another!

    0 PS4/Xbox One/PC Xbox One review copy provided by publisher Yearly updates are the reality of a lot of franchises nowadays. This particular quirk of gaming capitalism...

    KONAMI to Become Official Partner of Arsenal FC

    Arsenal Football Club and KONAMI have today announced that Konami Digital Entertainment has become an official partner of the football club. Arsenal featured as an officially...

    FIFA 18 Tops Sales List But Physical Copies Sold Down by...

    While FIFA 18 may have risen to number 1 over in the UK sales charts, all is not well on the physical sales side...

    Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 – Another Step Back to the Big-Time

    There aren't any other genres of game where a laundry list of complaints and notable shortcomings are followed by strong acclaim. So it is...