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    HITMAN ‘Game of the year’ edition is making its way to...

    Feral Interactive has today confirmed that a Game of the Year edition of HITMAN for MacOS and Linux. The original game was developed by IO...

    IO Interactive goes Indie and secures rights to the Hitman Franchise

    Hitman Developer, IO Interactive has announced today that they have become an Independent Studio and will also keep the rights to the Hitman Series. Back...

    Hitman May Continue at Square Enix Despite Split With IO Interactive

    The Hitman franchise may still have a future at Square Enix, even though they recently split with the developer, IO Interactive. After the split was first announced,...

    HITMAN Season One Coming January 31st

    Yesterday afternoon Square-Enix made the announcement that the first season of the episodic HITMAN will be released in disc format on January 31st 2017....

    Overview: Hitman Elusive Targets Mode

    “Go to the basement, find the security room and wipe the camera systems clean”, I think to myself as I begin my approach to...

    HITMAN Episode 2: Sapienza Launches Today

    The latest episode of Hitman launches today, transporting players and Agent 47 to the sun-drenched beaches of Sapienza, Italy

    Review: Hitman Agent 47 Movie

    I must say, i was genuinely surprised by a few aspects of the film but that's because i had literally no expectation for Hitman Agent 47 what so ever...