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    Indie Multiplayer Shooter Velvet Guard launches Kickstarter Campaign

    An 18-year-old Swedish Student has launched a Kickstarter Campaign for his multiplayer game, Velvet Guard, where one shot kills so you know the frustration will be real.

    New on Kickstarter: Cerebrawl Is A 2V2 Fighting Game In The...

    Harmon City was a typical modern metropolis. But when an Imagination Bomb is detonated at the centre of the city, Harmon City and its...

    A New Centralised Gaming Platform GeX Launches Kickstarter Campaign

    A new centralized gaming platform based in Co Carlow and called GeX is launching a Kickstarter campaign in the hope of securing the required funds to continue development of the platform.

    Shenmue 3 has been delayed until the second half of 2018

    Shenmue 3 has today been delayed until the second half of 2018. Speaking to the project's backers in a Kickstarter video, series creator, and project...

    Apocalypse Now game sets up its own Fundraising page

    The creators behind the recently announced Apocalypse now game have set up their own fundraising page after a less than successful start on Kickstarter. The...

    XMODULE Is a Racing Game That Lets You 3d Print Your...

    XMODULE is a futuristic racing game with a twist -- you are able to print a 3d version of your in-game car. The game will...

    Mighty No. 9 Delayed Again: Backers Call for Refunds

    In a move pretty much anybody could have seen coming, Mighty No. 9 has been delayed yet again. This time it’s being delayed from the latest release date of February 9th to the not-at-all nebulous “spring 2016”.