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    Recent Titles We Should Have Loved – But Were Ruined by...

    There are still some publishers and devs with the backbone to release full games. However, it is getting rarer that we can enjoy a game without horrific Bernaysian voodoo trying to wrench our wallets back open.

    Need for Speed: Payback review – Oops!… EA did it again

    When Need for Speed: Payback is gracious enough to let a player take part in its best events, it can be an exhilarating ride. But with so many issues around how one gets there, the experience is tainted. With a shrewd focus on grinding vs. microtransactions instead of a natural rollercoaster through the open-world and its campaign.

    EA has Been Teasing the Location for the Next Need for...

    EA has been teasing the location for the next Need for Speed in a series of smoke-filled tweets and pictures. The first picture shows off...

    Need for Speed: Most Wanted free on EA Origin

    Electronic Arts has announced that Need for Speed: Most Wanted is the latest game to join Origin's On the House program, and is free to download.

    EA removes a whole host of games from the App Store

    Electronic Arts has pulled a number of its popular titles such as Bejeweled 2 and Dead Space from the App Store