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    PlayStation Classic review – Barely Good Enough for NPCs [UPDATED]

    Sub-par emulation, a questionable choice of games and a lack of features show how little effort went into recreating a 90s institution

    PS Now Irish review – How Swoon is Now?

    Sony finally let Irish gamers in on the act and at €14.99 per month for an awe-inspiring library, it's probably the best gaming subscription service there is...

    Gamestop Confirm Price and Release Date for C64 Mini

    It has been confirmed that Gamestop will be stocking the highly anticipated C64 Mini, the most sought-after retro console of 2018. This news will be music...

    Irelands first Dedicated Retro Gaming event, 8-Bit Gaming Conference, fills a...

    Ireland has only recently adopted the Gaming convention scene from other countries that run events such as PAX, EGX, Gamescom and many more. In...

    Nintendo Confirm Timeframe for SNES Classic Mini Pre-orders

    In what will be a great relief to many a gamer out there, Nintendo has confirmed the timeframe for when pre orders for the...