A new trailer for the upcoming stealth action-adventure game Dishonored 2 has just seen the light of day, and it’s got a lot to show off. This trailer reveals more of the sunny nation of Karnaca — where our new main protagonist, Emily Kaldwin, is on a mission to eliminate a crafty but treacherous inventor.

The trailer is kind of lengthy: eight minutes and twenty-one seconds. It shows a lot in that time, and there is never a dull moment. It is also played through on high chaos mode, so there is a lot of killing along the way.

The video begins with a briefing of Emily’s current mission: assassinate or maim a chief member of the Duke circle, Kirin Jindosh. Jindosh is a brilliant grand inventor with the mind of a madman. In Emily’s words, “He looks at you like you’re a puzzle to be taken apart.”

That’s not the worst of it, though. Emily has to break into his fearful mansion and fight through his deadly contraptions if she wants to get to him. The trailer shows us that his mansion is one giant death trap.

The beginning shows us an interesting takedown mechanic called “Domino,” where you can link several enemies to one killing move. Emily kills one, and the rest share the same fate. The trailer also shows us some things from the previous game, such as stun grenades, the pistol, and air takedowns.

Above everything else, the most unique aspect of this trailer is Jindosh’s Clockwork soldiers. These are tall, mechanical beings that are very tough to take down. Emily spends her time escaping them, and when she is cornered in the end, she utilises stealth, gadgets, and takedowns to defeat them.

The video shows what you can do to Jindosh, at least in a non-lethal manner. It ends with Emily swearing vengeance on Jindosh’s partners as she exits his mansion. Based on the incredible gameplay in this trailer, let’s hope that the rest of the game is just as exciting.

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