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The award looks like a tax disc for the car… Lord Business (left) and Finn Krewer (right) with roadworthy car and journalist.

Application of strategy and RPG elements to a networked runner make Danger Mouse: The Danger Games a surprisingly deep pick up and play experience

With a few hits under their belts, the thoroughly fine bunch at 9th Impact have become ambitious. Having acquired the much sought after Danger Mouse revival license, the Galway studio worked their ‘appropriate use of a franchise’ magic to bring a four-player networked runner with combat and an RPG/card collecting element.

danger mouse danger games

The Danger Games are Quark’s idea of a reality show but one of ‘needless and unnecessary challenges’. It is both of these but is a lot of fun.

Mobile Challenge

The title sees a host of characters from the show, duck, jump, sidestep, change lanes and gather momentum across authentic scenes from the show. The game is busy but uses intuitive swipes, tap and long-presses for simple responsive controls. We loved the selection of weapons and how each character and weapon can be improved through racing, puzzles or microtransactions if you are lazy.

Going at full tilt

Preservation of momentum and strategic use of lanes and vertical space are vital. Mastering each weapon or buff will only get you so far as competent runners will be out of sight in not time at all. There is a definite need to keep an eye on your speed but being lucky helps too.

Complete with emoji

The card collection aspect adds much to the experience as players can swap cards with friends or hoard them for when they need them. Plus, some people just like collecting stuff and this will satisfy that craving.

Danger Mouse: The Danger Games is out now for Android and iOS



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