Red Bull Player One, the internationally recognised League of Legends 1v1 tournament, makes its first appearance in Dublin this Saturday, 5th May. Over 100 players from the all over the island have battled their way through the regional qualifiers to secure a place in this weekend’s National final.

Starting at 2 pm, the winner will be crowned Ireland’s best solo player and have the opportunity to compete and represent their country at the International Final in Brazil this November. With only 12 players left, each click counts and to help the crowd have a good time with such tension in the air, Red Bull will be providing some food, drink and other entertainment.

Competitive Spirit

There are also spot-prizes so spectators can feed into the competitive spirit. Prizes like t-shirts, gaming headsets and ‘Red Bull cocktails’ are up for grabs.

“Red Bull’s unique esports tournament, Player One, see’s opponents battle head-to-head on Summoner’s Rift, LoL’s most venerated map, demanding exceptional skill and reaction speeds from all players who set out to crush their opponents”

Ireland is fond of consuming eSports online but has been under-served for live eSports events until recently. Three Ireland’s EStars is another high profile tournament to be taking place on this dewy rock this month alone. While the Three event is a team-play event, Red Bull Player One focuses on the intense duels and psychological warfare that is 1v1 League of Legends. The personalities of the solo players are usually as entertaining as the matches so it should be wild.

Despite high-profile eSports players emerging from Ireland, League of Legends has yet to launch an Irish star of Jurd’s magnitude. So join Red Bull at Player One for a day of intense battles between Ireland’s best League of Legends players and maybe you will see a legend born.

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