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    Dragon Age senior creative director leaves Bioware

    Matt Goldman, the senior creative director of the Dragon Age series, has left developer Bioware. Goldman spent over twenty years with the developer and has...

    EA @ E3 2018… Why God, Why?

    Electronic Arts at E3. Nothing drains the E3 hype from me than watching an hour and a half show where EA suits show us...

    New Dragon Age: Inquisition Statues Confirmed by Gaming Heads

    Gaming Heads has opened pre-orders for a 1/4 scale statue of Dragan Age: Inquisition's Varric - available in an exclusive edition along with a...

    Bioware GM To Leave Role After 17 Years At The Helm

    Bioware's GM, Aaryn Flynn, has today announced that he is to leave the studio at the end of July with Casey Hudson returning to...

    Bioware’s Anthem more like Star Wars ‘Science-Fantasy’ than Mass Effect.

    Bioware's brand new IP, Anthem, is similar in style to that of Star Wars rather than that of Mass Effect. That's according to Bioware...

    Mass effect series “put on ice” following Andromeda reception

    EA has decided to put the Mass Effect series "on ice" following the less than stellar release of Mass Effect Andromeda, according to Kotaku. These...

    Mass Effect Andromeda will not have a Season Pass

    It has been confirmed that Mass Effect Andromeda will not have a season pass. When asked on Twitter, Bioware GM Aaryn Flynn simply responded "Nope". However,...