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    Watch: Destiny 2 – Competitive Multiplayer Trailer

    "Enter the Crucible in Destiny 2 and put your skills to the test in 4v4 competitive multiplayer action. Battle for glory against the most...

    Destiny 2 PC Beta Starts August 28, Full System Specs Announced

    Bungie Announced The Launch Date Of The Destiny 2 PC Beta. PC gamers Can Test The Game On August 28, Provided They Have A...

    Destiny 2 Will Have 4K Resolution (sort of) On PS4 Pro

    It looks like Destiny 2 will achieve a resolution akin to native 4K on the PS4 Pro thanks in no small part to a...

    Destiny 2 Officially Revealed, Confirmed For PC

    After a poster for Destiny 2 that detailed a September release was leaked by Gamestop Italy, Bungie have come out and confirmed Destiny 2...

    Everything You Need To Know About Rise of Iron

    By: Lynda McDonald As a Destiny player, September is starting to feel like Christmas to me with Bungie yet again releasing another huge DLC Rise of...

    Why You Should Play Destiny Again

    By: Lynda McDonald In light of Bungie’s recent announcement of new DLC Rise of Iron, I am sure some players are holding off rejoining Destiny until...

    Destiny’s lead storywriter leaves Bungie

    Narrative designer CJ Cowan has left Destiny developer Bungie after over a decade at the company.

    Destiny: Addiction by Design (Part 2)

    Why are so many players addicted to Destiny? This is the second article in a two part series. This article covers the concepts of identity and comparison and why they can potentially be addictive.

    Destiny: Addiction by Design

    This article is the first in a two-part series about why Destiny is so addictive. In this article the concepts of Achievement/Reward and Social Obligation are discussed in general and in particular how they relate to Destiny.

    Halo 5: In My Honest Opinion

    Does Halo 5 have the same spark as the original trilogy?