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    12 Orbits preview – Live the Trials of a Sperm

    Addictive gameplay with a variety of options at no extra cost is just what we need!

    DragoDino review – We Need Dino-Dragon Power, NOW!

    DragoDino is the type of game you would give to your 4-year-old to have a bash on. Although it's a nicely presented experience, the load times just ruin the hard work that's been put into the game

    Rogue Aces Review – Aces Highhh! (Yes, we do Iron Maiden...

    Rogue Aces is a great indie title to land on Switch. Although the learning curve can be a tough one; the pay off makes it all worth it.

    Steam’s Best-Selling games of 2015 revealed in preliminary report

    Steam Spy creator Sergey Galyonkin has published a preliminary report that names Grand Theft Auto V, with around 3.6 million copies activated, as the best-selling game released in 2015 on Steam.

    EA removes a whole host of games from the App Store

    Electronic Arts has pulled a number of its popular titles such as Bejeweled 2 and Dead Space from the App Store

    GameStop: 92% of people own games they don’t play

    According to a survey conducted by GameStop, 92% of gamers own at least one game disc that they don't play.