Want To Win An Xbox Live Gold Membership?

    We haven’t given away anything in a while, so we thought it was about time that we did. So what’s the deal? Whether you’re an existing...

    Funko Reveals Borderlands Pop! Series and Two Game Stop Exclusives

    Great news for gamers today! Especially fans of Borderlands. Funko has revealed concept art for their upcoming Borderlands Pop series! Now if that wasn’t enough...

    Nom-con 2015

    Nom-Con 2015 Nom-con is a non-profit Japanese animation and popular culture convention that is held annually over the course of three days. Their goal is to...

    Review: Amazon Fire Game Controller

    The Amazon Fire Game Controller brings greater games possibilities to the Fire TV The ability to run quality mobile games that scale up for the...

    The New Xbox One Controller to include a Headphone Jack

    The PS4’s DualShock 4 has a headphone jack that allows you to plug whatever headphones into the controller. The Xbox One’s controller, however, only...

    Asus is developing Republic of Gamers PCI-E SSDs

    Asus' Republic of Gamers line of hardware is about to be expanded with solid state drives. The new drives will launch in May. Solid State...

    Cel-shaded Borderlands Jeans Available On Etsy

    Anyone who's ever dreamed of becoming a Vault Hunter is now one step closer to making their dream a reality. A pair of jeans created...

    ArcadeCon 2015

    ArcadeCon is back and it's as fresh as ever! ArcadeCon is one of Ireland's biggest conventions and the only one that brings together gaming, anime,...

    Game reviewer Alanah Pearce teaches abusive trolls a lesson

    Game reviewer Alanah Pearce teaches abusive trolls a lesson New Face of Feminism 3.0 Underscores Misdirection of American Values Alanah Pearce, a 21 year old student...

    Meet Alienware’s Alpha console, a Steam Machine without SteamOS (for now)

    Alienware's long-awaited Alpha finally arrives, but is it really the console killer or just warmed-over hardware?