KONAMI is to launch a new Champions League style Esports event called the PES League World Tour 2018.

The online qualifiers for the PES LEAGUE Online Championship 2018 Season 1 will kick off on the 12th of October with the winner qualifying for the ASIA round which is the first of 3 rounds of competitions that will lead up to the final round for the PES LEAGUE WORLD TOUR 2018.

The Asia Round will be hosted in Tokyo, Japan in January 2018. 16 players will take part in the Asia round and battle it out for the first tour points. The top 8 players from last years tournament will automatically qualify for the event in Tokyo. The final 8 will be selected based on their performance in the PES LEAGUE Online Championship 2018 Season 1, which kicks off tomorrow, October 12th, 2017.

And what’s the point of the PES League world tour I hear you ask? Well, it’s to establish who is the best PES 2018 player on the planet. While the tournament kicks off in Asia it will move on to the Americas round followed by the European leg which will be held in spring 2018.

Those players with the most points will have to wait until summer 2018 to battle it out against each other in the finals tournament. Also, included for the first time is a CO-OP mode. so you can now become the best in the world as a team, or individually.

For more info head over to the KONAMI website.

And give our PES 2018 review a gander.


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