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    F1 2018 review – Rewriting the Rules on Annual Racers

    F1 2018 manages to deliver in most respects; capturing the intensity of top-level motorsport while mixing in starting points for n00bs and lapsed petrolheads to get in on the act

    F1 2018 preview – “And it’s GO! GO! GO!”

    The career mode of F1 2018 will see a revamp with a huge focus on off-track activities like R&D and media/team relations. The race weekends have more importance with testing and rivalries always giving a player something to drive for. While it didn't rain during my two race weekend playthrough but the in-game footage of adverse weather was impressive.

    ONRUSH review – On-Point Arcade Driving

    Onrush is a fun and destructive ride that's easily accessible, but it's not a racing game by any means. Oh, and it comes with free content updates.

    Onrush preview – Boring and Fairly Pointless

    Onrush is the new driving game from former Evolution Studios employees, the developers behind Sony exclusive Driveclub. Onrush is a car combat game which promises thrilling action but in this beta at least, it doesn't deliver.

    Codemasters Announce Release Date for F1 2018

    Codemasters and Koch Media have today announced the release date and new content for F1 2018. F1 2018 aims to be the most complete and...

    F1 2017 Classic Car Reveal

    Codemasters has revealed the latest classic car that will feature in their highly anticipated game F1 2017. It will be the 2006 Renault R26...

    DiRT 4 puts emphasis on ‘fear factor’ of rally driving

    DiRT 4 - the follow-up to Codemasters Dirt Rally have released a new trailer which shows how its fast cars and dirt tracks reflect the...