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    Far Cry New Dawn review – The Apocalypse Has Never Looked...

    With Far Cry New Dawn, Ubisoft delivers a new twist to the milked-out concept of the post-apocalyptic adventure. Instead of the clichéd weathered cities...

    Space Hulk: Deathwing Enhanced Edition review – Hulk Smash!

    Space Hulk – Death Wing Enhanced Edition is mostly a solid Warhammer 40k experience, players just need to ignore some of the in-game sound FX. Even if players aren’t familiar to the 40K universe, Space Hulk is accessible for all FPS enthusiasts.

    The History of FPS: From Gibs to Grenades

    The term “First Person Shooter” Is now a household phrase linked to big franchises such as “Call of Duty”, “Battlefield” and “Halo”. The FPS...

    Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus bringing us more Nazis to kill

    The time has come again, time to go on a Nazi-killing rampage. Not only will you get to kill more Nazis in Wolfenstein II: The...

    Farpoint VR review – a competent, important VR shooter

    Farpoint PlayStation VR for PS4 €59.99 (game only), €89.99 (game & Aim controller), Farpoint is playable with a stock PS4 controller Review code and Aim controller supplied by publisher Farpoint...

    Umbrella Corps gets a brand new trailer showcasing 3 minutes of...

    I had my reservations about Umbrella Corps when it was first unveiled 8 months ago, as I'm sure many others did. But this latest trailer,...

    Blizzard Taking a Zero-Tolerance Stance on Overwatch Cheaters

    Blizzard says they'll be banning Overwatch cheaters permanently when caught.

    New DOOM cinematic trailer is relentlessly hellish

    Watch the new DOOM cinematic trailer by Joseph Kosinski, the director behind Tron: Legacy and Oblivion.

    Review: Rainbow Six: Siege

    Rainbow 6: Siege review: The most rigorous of shooters is back with a flash-bang.

    Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Review

    FarCry 3: Blood Dragon is what you’d get if Hotline Miami and Tron had a baby and that baby was orphaned and raised by FarCry 3, who for some reason played the Drive soundtrack to it every night while it slept.