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    Pode review – An Average Indie Puzzler with Notions

    Perhaps Pode will be up someone’s alley, but there are more interesting puzzle adventures out there.

    The Fall review – Taking an Unfortunate Tumble

    For a title that has seen various platform releases over the last four years, The Fall leaves a lot to be desired in more than one area. The control scheme could be an easy fix but simply hasn’t been touched since release which is a shame.

    Sally’s Law review – Rolling in the Deep

    Sally’s Law has hit me deep in the feels. Although quite easy at times. I think an over complicated challenge would ruin the feel of this nicely paced puzzle platformer.

    The Thin Silence review – Rarefied Gameplay

    The Thin Silence is a game with an amazing story and atmosphere that is completely let down by almost every other aspect of the game, the gameplay itself being the biggest culprit

    Tartarus review: Highs Gradually Turn to Lows

    Tartarus is a game with many elements that gradually decrease in quality as the game progresses. All of these elements however, are just window-dressing for the meat of the game which is the puzzles.

    The Darkside Detective review: A Divine Comedy

    Review code (PC) provided by publisher The Darkside Detective Point and click adventures laden with pop culture references and reflexive humour are neither new nor original....

    RiME review: Emotional, Relaxing, Divisive

    Rime is Tequila Work’s third outing, the Spanish devs are largely known for their debút Deadlight - a post-apocalyptic survival-horror game unsurprisingly far removed...

    Review: Submerged

    In Uppercut's latest offering, Submerged, you play as young girl Maku who, with her wounded younger brother, Taku, finds herself in a mysterious flooded city....

    Review: Unmechanical Extended

    Unmechanical Extended is a physics-based puzzle game with a strangely soothing (and equal parts enjoyable) music. It sports an interesting mix of biological and mechanical imagery throughout its artwork and, despite their being very little plot to the game I found myself immersed in the continually changing puzzle types.