Saturday, August 8, 2020


How Raytracing Will Help Video Games Escape the Uncanny Valley

With Epic Games having shown off the latest advance in real-time graphics at GDC, could we see the soon-to-be-announced PS5 finally render characters that...

Can Anyone Break the Gaming Console Duopoly?

It all started with the Magnavox Odyssey, a strange box that could be connected to a TV at home and run some...

Far Cry 5 at Gamescom 2017- Elite Gamer ‘Best Action Game’...

Far Cry 5 at Gamescom 2017- Elite Gamer 'Best Action Game' Award Winner Far Cry is one of this hack journalist’s favourite series so Far...

What to expect (and hope for) from Xbox in 2018

With the Xbox One X having launched just a few months ago, what can we expect from the folks over in Microsoft in 2018?

What Will We See at Todays Nintendo Direct Event? Black Ops...

Nintendo has confirmed that is hosting another Nintendo Direct event today/tonight at 10 pm Irish time/ 2 pm Pacific and 5 pm Eastern. So what...

Reggie’s Love Affair with: the Pokémon Franchise

The first time Reggie laid eyes on these exotic pocket monster, he did not know was about to embark on a two-decade long love affair...

Reggie’s Love Affair with: The Legend of Zelda Series

At the tender age of twelve, a smaller but still bearded Reggie stepped into Hyrule for the first time. Nearly two decades later and TLoZ series is still making him fall in love with it all over again. Here's Reggie's Love Affair with... The Legend of Zelda

5 Reasons PC Gaming Beats Console Gaming

Better Hardware, Better Visuals and Faster Frame Rate Many console gamers argue that the substance of the game trumps how it looks; that is, the...

PES 2019 Online & Offline review* – Best 90 Minutes of...

Whilst almost every other reviewer was happy to s**t out a review of the offline modes only in order to meet the embargo, I have actually played and reviewed the full game. Enjoy.

Decentralising Graphical Fidelity – an interview with Playkey CEO, Egor Gurjev

For many, owning a low-end PC or a three-year old laptop is a strange torture. Here you are with a gig a VRAM and...