Saturday, August 8, 2020


PlayStation 5 – What We Would Like to See [UPDATED]

With the continuing rabid speculation about the PlayStation 5, complete with foaming mouths and erratic behaviour, it's time we got in on the act and shamelessly fed into this hype feedback loop and made fun of some fake trailers

We’ve Finally Gotten Spiderman Away From Activision’s Grubby Hands

Activision abused Spiderman for long enough by flooding the market with sub-par cash grabs... Thomas 'T-Bag' Telford looks forward to Sony's efforts

FIFA 18 – First Play Thoughts and preview details

After a 12 day embargo, we can finally lift the lid on EA's Stamford Bridge FIFA 18 preview... footage that comes a little closer...

Gamescom 2017: Project Cars 2 Impressions

The Elite Gamer triplets sat with Project Cars 2 for a few laps each using a proprietary wheel with force-feedback. Despite needing some time...

GamerCon 2017: A great promise that left many upset

Elite Gamer staff were in no way affiliated or paid to promote by GamerCon -- Our views are our own and come from our own...

Gamescom 2017: Deep Rock Galactic Impressions

0 “Co-op games can be hard for a n00b to get into. If you select certain characters and screw up, people get angry ..." Game Director...

Strange Brigade at Gamescom 2017 – Hands-on and Interview with Senior...

Strange Brigade at GamesCom 2017 - Hands-on and Interview with Senior Designer, Tom Rigby There was a new challenge of keeping it as difficult with...

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 demo review – Solid Tekkerz, Tactically Naive

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019's demo is promising with with quite a few improvements on display. Passing and shooting are looser with more room for mistakes. Online play feels snappier and previous titles' persistent lag seems to have been solved. The AI seems a little tactically one-dimensional across the demo's 12 teams with few strategic patterns being seen.

E3 2018 is ‘Squeaky Bum Time’ for Xbox One as an...

Half the lifetime sales of PS4, behind Switch every month in sales - Xbox One is circling the drain and E3 2018 is likely their last chance this generation to claw back lost market share.

Pro Ev’s Licensing Strategy Might Work – Here’s Why

With a dwindling set of AAA licences available year-on-year, Konami were forced to change tack. Turkish Süper Lig, SPL and full partnerships with the Old Firm of Celtic and Rangers are not to be underestimated - nor is the sharp upturn in player/team numbers. Here's why.