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    Review: Mad Catz RAT 8

    The RAT 8 is part of Mad Catz newest line of RAT mice consisting of the RAT1, RAT4, RAT6, RAT8, RAT PRO S+ and...

    Omen by HP 27 Display review – A Serious Monitor at...

    165Hz gaming is objectively slick and while shaving the response time down to 1ms might seem arbitrary, it does give gamers one less thing to blame when they get fragged. But Omen by HP 27 comes at a cost that needs justification.

    Urbanista New York ‘Dark Clown’ Review – Audio/Visual Excellence

    The Urbanista New York are a great choice if you're looking for a great pair of minimalist headphones with ANC for a fair price. While Urbanista may not be as well known as the Sony, Denon or JBL models, New York hold their own in terms of features and audio quality.

    FIFA 18 review – Eat that! …And another!

    0 PS4/Xbox One/PC Xbox One review copy provided by publisher Yearly updates are the reality of a lot of franchises nowadays. This particular quirk of gaming capitalism...

    Dream Daddy Feels Like a Prologue for a Better Dating Sim

    It breaks my heart that visual novels (and dating sims, which fall under the visual novel umbrella) aren't more popular in English-speaking countries. Despite...

    Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 – Another Step Back to the Big-Time

    There aren't any other genres of game where a laundry list of complaints and notable shortcomings are followed by strong acclaim. So it is...

    Star Wars Battlefront II review – Promising Star Wars Fare Marred...

    The campaign, sorely missed in SWBF (2015), tells the story of just one brave soldier in a grand plot and leaves a player hungry to continue the epic space conflict in its other arenas. Only to learn of the lengths they must go to in order to properly enjoy the game they have paid for.

    Trust Gaming GXT 890 Cada RGB Mechanical Keyboard Review

    Last week we reviewed GXT 188 Laban RGB Gaming Mouse, a high-end mouse from Trust Gaming with a lot of features but without the...

    Review: Kings of the Realm

    It would seem that the future is bright for the Dublin based gaming studio, Digit. Kings of the Realm is an RTS cross platform...

    Review: Prey (2017) – Too much of a good thing

    Before we begin, this Prey is unrelated to the 2006 Xbox 360 title of the same name. They both have a person being chased...