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    Mad Catz RAT 8+ review

    The RAT is back: after a rocky relaunch of it's RAT gaming mouse line followed by bankruptcy, the striking peripheral maker has...

    Rogue Aces Review – Aces Highhh! (Yes, we do Iron Maiden...

    Rogue Aces is a great indie title to land on Switch. Although the learning curve can be a tough one; the pay off makes it all worth it.

    Urbanista New York ‘Dark Clown’ Review – Audio/Visual Excellence

    The Urbanista New York are a great choice if you're looking for a great pair of minimalist headphones with ANC for a fair price. While Urbanista may not be as well known as the Sony, Denon or JBL models, New York hold their own in terms of features and audio quality.

    Dungeon Rushers review – Dungeon Rushed?

    One would have more respect for the title if it would have simply foregone the idle tale and put its efforts into polishing the gameplay. Dungeon Rushers is perhaps the most fitting name for the rogue-like dungeon crawler: Rushed

    Manticore: Galaxy on Fire review – Merc Those Pirates, Fam!

    Manticore: Galaxy on Fire is the space dogfighter you have been waiting for on your favourite portable home console. Whilst it doesn't quite match up to the legendary games of its genre, it's still a solid and very fun experience with very little to moan about

    Space Hulk: Deathwing Enhanced Edition review – Hulk Smash!

    Space Hulk – Death Wing Enhanced Edition is mostly a solid Warhammer 40k experience, players just need to ignore some of the in-game sound FX. Even if players aren’t familiar to the 40K universe, Space Hulk is accessible for all FPS enthusiasts.

    Trust Gaming GXT 890 Cada RGB Mechanical Keyboard Review

    Last week we reviewed GXT 188 Laban RGB Gaming Mouse, a high-end mouse from Trust Gaming with a lot of features but without the...

    Starlink: Battle for Atlas review – Toys Back to Life

    There is no wrong way to make a ship in Starlink: Battle for Atlas. Upside-down or asymmetric wings. Backward firing shotguns. Starlink lets a player loose in the star system Atlas with the most powerful weapon of all: the imagination.

    Star Wars Battlefront II review – Promising Star Wars Fare Marred...

    The campaign, sorely missed in SWBF (2015), tells the story of just one brave soldier in a grand plot and leaves a player hungry to continue the epic space conflict in its other arenas. Only to learn of the lengths they must go to in order to properly enjoy the game they have paid for.

    Typoman: Revised review

    Typoman doesn't hesitate to excite. It is filled with great puzzles and challenges and the overall design is quite interesting. If you're looking for something different from your standard platforms or puzzlers I recommend that you try it out...