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    Demo for Resident Evil 4 Remake coming up, new trailer shown

    During the State of Play yesterday, a new trailer for the remake of Resident Evil 4 was shown. It was also announced that a...

    Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin Story Trailer Shown

    A new story trailer for Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin was shown during the Summer Game Fest Kick Off Live event. In the...

    The Resident Evil 2 remake Demo will appear later this week

    On 11 January, a demo of the remake of Resident Evil 2 will be released. This demo allows players to play for thirty minutes...

    Devil May Cry HD Collection review – Devil May Care But...

    If you have saudade for the early-2000s, this may be the cure. And not in a good way.

    Monster Hunter World review: All You Need is Hunt

    MHW might sound repetitive but the dynamic and well-designed challenges make this a hugely entertaining title. The Monster Hunter series deserves to attract many more fans in the west with this entry.

    Okami HD review – Pitchforks at the ready. Truth is happening.

    Okami HD is the same bold and courageous affair that had critics engaging in a syllabic arms race to fawn over. But be aware that the camera grates and while the combat and brush system is novel, it is limited and repetitive. 

    Capcom Announce Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection

    With the 30th anniversary of Capcoms Street Fighter series just passed, Capcom has gone out of their way to bring us a smorgasbord of Street Fighter goodness in the form of a 30th-anniversary edition.

    Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package review – A Shower AND...

    Frank West is back doing what he does best; decimating zombies with a vast and eclectic arsenal of weapons while rocking a sundress and a Triceratops mask.

    Almost 10% of Resident evil: Biohazard players use VR

    A very healthy percentage of gamers have decided to experience Resident Evil: Biohazard using PSVR new figures show. According to, 9.48% of its players...

    Resident Evil 5 to launch on console in June

    Capcom has announced that the digital version of Resident Evil 5 is to launch on Xbox One and PS4 on June 28th. The physical version...