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    Kindgom Come: Deliverance ‘From the Ashes’ DLC review – Busy Work

    A poor fit for the widely-admired KC:D. From beginning-to-end, Pribyslavitz confuses and annoys. From the Ashes abandons its parent game's relationship with credibility and immersion in favour of an Excel spreadparchment and some chores.

    South Park From Dusk Till Casa Bonita DLC Confirmed

    Ubisoft and South Park Digital Studios have confirmed that The Fractured But Whole will be getting DLC in just a couple of weeks time. It's...

    Assassins Creed Origins: The Hidden Ones review – The Same Ones

    Origins is a solid base to build upon, it’s just a shame Ubisoft didn’t build a bit higher...

    Donkey Kong to Feature in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle DLC

    Just when you thought Nintendo couldn't do any more to make the Switch more appealing, they've just gone and added Donkey Kong to Mario...

    Battlefield 1 To Get Two New Expansions Launching The 11th of...

    Gamers will soon be able to do battle on land, sea, and air with the latest expansion pack coming to Battlefield 1. Called Turning...

    Episode Prompto Reminds Us Why We Love Prompto So Much

    Since you're reading a review on Episode Prompto, I'm assuming that means you've already beaten Final Fantasy XV since Episode Prompto takes place so...

    Forza Horizon 3: Hot Wheels DLC review – A Love-Letter to...

    I have a confession to make: I never had many Hot Wheels toys as a child. The ones I had, I drove at moderate speed between my cardboard house and job. If I had any plastic roads, I would have used them for a traffic-alleviating bypass.

    Battlefield 4 Expansions Free on all platforms

    By: Colin Dooley With the release of Battlefield 1 looming next month, Dice/EA have released all the Battlefield 4 DLC for free on all platforms. For...

    Star Wars: Battlefront Death Star DLC Announced

    In case you missed any of the Battlefront news from Star Wars Celebration 2016, we've got you covered. EA announced during the fan-fest in London...

    Elder Scrolls Online Update 11

    Good news for fans of The Elder Scrolls Online as Bethesda announces details of it's much anticipated Update 11 which will hit on August...