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    Starlink: Battle for Atlas review – Toys Back to Life

    There is no wrong way to make a ship in Starlink: Battle for Atlas. Upside-down or asymmetric wings. Backward firing shotguns. Starlink lets a player loose in the star system Atlas with the most powerful weapon of all: the imagination.

    Starlink: Battle for Atlas preview: Battle for Christmas

    Interesting toys and a game worth playing are what Starlink: Battle for Atlas is aiming for. With release a few days away, we take a shot at the stars...

    No Man’s Sky will be getting Land Vehicles in a future...

    No Man's Sky is the most controversial video game to come out of 2016 -- the game lacked many features boasted by CEO Sean...

    No Man’s Sky devs post on Twitter after months of silence,...

    No Man's Sky has had quite the launch; after the game never delivered what was promised it quickly became the worst rated game on steam! It...

    Advertising Standards Authority is investigating No Man’s Sky for false advertisement

    After the active player count for No Man's Sky dropped below 1,000 players on Steam, it's safe to say that the highly anticipated game...

    No Man’s Sky active player count drops below 1000 on Steam

    No Man's Sky is... well it's really a mess at this point. Sean Murray and most of Hello Games have gone completely silent, the...

    New Releases – August 2016

    July might have been a bit light on big releases but surprise, surprise! August has games a plenty! Check out our list of some...

    No Man’s Sky May Be In Trouble Again

    You know that hugely important “superformula” Sean Murray over at Hello Games keeps talking about? Well, a Dutch company who apparently holds the patent...

    No Man’s Sky creator, Sean Murray, Receiving Death Threats From Fans

    Angry fans will not stop their rage about the inevitable delay of No Man’s Sky. Sean Murray, the creator of No Man’s Sky and founder of...

    Highlights: E3 2015 Live Conference Part 1

    Greetings fellow gamers, it saddens me to see that the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), one of the world's largest gaming conventions has ended this...