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    Shio review – You Shio-uldn’t Have!

    Shio is a mysterious platformer that sometimes tries to reach beyond it's grasp in terms of narrative. This can be forgiven due to the games persistent walking of the fine line between deep narrative and sharp platforming.

    Legend of Kay Anniversary review: Kung Fu Blanda

    For Switch users the remaster of the Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy is out at the end of June, don’t spend your money on Legend of Kay, buy that instead.

    Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap Unboxing and Review

    Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap is another amazing retro-style platformer that nails the basic - Switch owners who like a fair challenge will

    Forgotten Anne review – Well, Not Entirely Forgettable

    Forgotten Anne is a brilliant animé with holes in it’s plot than can be forgiven. But as a platforming puzzler with elements taken from point and click adventure, it's just not up to task

    Deep Ones review: A Disappointing Floater

    Deep Ones is a truly terrible nod to the Spectrum era; both in terms of platforming and its assault on my senses.

    Save the Ninja Clan review: It’s a Nindie-Ninjie Game

    An exacting and frustrating platformer, Save the Ninja Clan presents a tough love approach to the genre. Even an effectively absent story and questionable audio design aren't really of much concern when the level design and gameplay more than make up for them.

    Woodle Tree Adventures review – This Won’t Take Long…

    Zeroes are rare these days. Devs are usually wary of internet people tearing into their s**t games so the opportunity to torture myself for my art was welcome.

    Rad Rodgers review – Bad Rodgers

    Rad Rodgers aims to capture the nostalgic charm of old-school action platformers. It doesn't manage any of this and instead is a bland charmless exercise in boredom and misfiring crude humour.

    Moss review – A Brief, Beautiful Dream that Shines on PSVR

    Moss may very well be the most beautiful and striking game on PSVR yet. Its fairy-tale presentation, naturalistic animations and understated detail will suck a player into its bed-time story. 

    Flat Kingdom launches next week!

    Flat Kingdom will officially be released on April 7th