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    Energy Cycle review – Well, It Certainly Drained Mine!

    It’s about as mentally engaging as Katie Price going over her favourite moment of Celebrity Love Island 2017 whilst being forced to look at a hypnotic pinwheel featuring the lyrics to Beyoncé’s mindless hit 'Put a Ring On It'.

    Deep Ones review: A Disappointing Floater

    Deep Ones is a truly terrible nod to the Spectrum era; both in terms of platforming and its assault on my senses.

    Save the Ninja Clan review: It’s a Nindie-Ninjie Game

    An exacting and frustrating platformer, Save the Ninja Clan presents a tough love approach to the genre. Even an effectively absent story and questionable audio design aren't really of much concern when the level design and gameplay more than make up for them.

    It’s Spring Again review – Unbeleafable Jeff, Its Raining Rain

    I have no idea why this game is on Switch. Kids apps, tablets and toys already do this kind of thing...

    Spiral Splatter review – “Splat Splat Splat”

    For €4.99 there's very little to complain about. However, if you hate 'buzz wire' games you need to put this title in the sea.