Detroit: Become Human releases tomorrow, 25th May and is set to be another mildly divisive but otherwise laudable interactive fiction.’s Final Boss Daire Hardesty gave D:BH a 9.

Check out the Trophy List here:

Detroit Master – Collect All Trophies – PLATINUM

Thank You – Play First Chapter – BRONZE

Mission Accomplished – Connor Saved Emma – BRONZE

Secrets- Kara Discovered the contents of Alice’s box – BRONZE

Deviant Located – Conor Found the deviant in the attic – BRONZE

We Are Free- Kara and Alice escaped Todd’s house – BRONZE

Defend Yourself – Markus Pushed Leo – BRONZE


SELF-CONTROL – Markus let Leo win – BRONZE

CONFESSION – Connor made the android confess – BRONZE

SHELTER – Kara and Alice slept in the motel or the squat – BRONZE

KNOW YOUR PARTNER – Connor found all the clues about Hank – BRONZE

RUN KARA RUN – Kara and Alice escape the police – BRONZE

CATCH IT – Connor caught up with Rupert – BRONZE

SAVE HANK – Connor saved Hank – BRONZE

ESCAPE THE MANOR – Kara and Alice escaped Zlatko’s house – BRONZE

RUTHLESS – The Tracis were killed – BRONZE

DOUBTS – The Tracis escaped – BRONZE

JERICHO’S HERO – Markus got enough parts – BRONZE

JUST A MACHINE – Hank killed Connor – BRONZE

A SMILE ON HER FACE – Alice enjoyed a ride on the merry-go-round – BRONZE

WHEN A PLAN COMES TOGETHER – Markus broadcasted his message without raising an alarm – BRONZE

A GLIMPSE OF JERICHO – Connor connected to Simon – BRONZE

SEND A MESSAGE – Markus conducted a pacifist riot – BRONZE

BURN THE PLACE – Markus conducted a violent riot – BRONZE

NOTHING TO SEE HERE – Kara succeeded to make the cop go away – BRONZE

CONFRONTATION – Markus attacked the police – BRONZE

STAND YOUR GROUND – Markus stood his ground against the police – BRONZE

PRIORITIES – Connor killed the Chloe – BRONZE

KINSHIP – Connor refused to kill the Chloe – BRONZE

BLOODHOUND – Connor got the location of Jericho by himself – BRONZE

THREE AT JERICHO – Bring the three character to Crossroads – BRONZE

SCORCHED EARTH – Markus or Connor detonated the freighter – BRONZE

LIBERATION – Markus reached the camp and liberated the androids – BRONZE

MORAL VICTORY – Markus succeeded in making the soldiers stand back – BRONZE

ESCAPE DEATH – Kara and Alice escaped the recycling centre – BRONZE

SAFE HARBOR – Kara and Alice passed the border – BRONZE

AN ARMY OF ME – Connor converted the androids – BRONZE

MISSION COMPLETE – Connor killed the leader of the deviants – BRONZE

MY TURN TO DECIDE – Connor resisted hacking attempt from CyberLife – BRONZE

COMPLIANT – Connor stayed a machine – BRONZE

ONE OF US – Connor became deviant – BRONZE

UNDEFEATED – Don’t lose any fight before reaching the end – SILVER

BOOKWORM – Find every single magazine in the game – SILVER

PARTNERS – Hank and Connor were friends until the end – SILVER

HAPPY FAMILY – Kara, Alice and Luther are together at the end – SILVER

I’LL BE BACK – Connor died and returned at every opportunity before reaching the end – SILVER

THIS IS MY STORY – Finish the game once – GOLD

THESE ARE OUR STORIES – Spend 20,000 bonus points – GOLD

SURVIVORS – Everyone is alive at the end – GOLD

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