He Beat Her is a Vague yet Deeply Disturbing Tale about...

    Zephyo's He Beat Her is a sobering reminder of how complex, tragic, and deeply disturbing domestic abuse is.  In this game, you play as...

    Street Heat First Impression – Spoiler: It wasn’t great.

    As stated, this is a first impression of Street Heat, not a final review. The game is in early access and the updates seem to be relatively frequent. There may be potential here for Street Heat to become a far more enjoyable experience

    Community Inc. review – The Nadir of a Civilisation

    While Community Inc may not be a good game, T4Interactive is a company that is worth watching in the future.

    Sundered: Eldritch Edition review

    Sundered: Eldritch Edition is a cross between a Metroidvania and a rogue-lite. Combining exploration and combat, the title does not hide its true nature...

    Danger Mouse: The Danger Games – Elite Gamer ‘Most Innovative Game...

    Application of strategy and RPG elements to a networked runner make Danger Mouse: The Danger Games a surprisingly deep pick up and play experience With...

    Review: Unmechanical Extended

    Unmechanical Extended is a physics-based puzzle game with a strangely soothing (and equal parts enjoyable) music. It sports an interesting mix of biological and mechanical imagery throughout its artwork and, despite their being very little plot to the game I found myself immersed in the continually changing puzzle types.

    Review: Affordable Space Adventures

    The first thing you’ll see when starting up Affordable Space Adventures is a collection of postcards, informational pamphlets, and general touristy bits and bobs. All...

    Perception Producer, Amanda Gardner, on Perception’s First Week and the Future...

    It's been just over a week since Deep End Game's premiere indie game Perception came out on Steam, PS4, and X-Box One after the...

    What Remains of Edith Finch: The Narrative Buffet

    If your family was cursed, would you want to explore that possibility? What if everyone in your family died a gruesome and/or unusual death,...

    Dream Daddy Feels Like a Prologue for a Better Dating Sim

    It breaks my heart that visual novels (and dating sims, which fall under the visual novel umbrella) aren't more popular in English-speaking countries. Despite...