Community Inc. review – The Nadir of a Civilisation

    While Community Inc may not be a good game, T4Interactive is a company that is worth watching in the future.

    Indie Multiplayer Shooter Velvet Guard launches Kickstarter Campaign

    An 18-year-old Swedish Student has launched a Kickstarter Campaign for his multiplayer game, Velvet Guard, where one shot kills so you know the frustration will be real.

    Manticore: Galaxy on Fire review – Merc Those Pirates, Fam!

    Manticore: Galaxy on Fire is the space dogfighter you have been waiting for on your favourite portable home console. Whilst it doesn't quite match up to the legendary games of its genre, it's still a solid and very fun experience with very little to moan about

    Absolver review – Near Perfect Combat, Infuriating Lag

    Absolver Review - Near Perfect Combat, Infuriating Lag PS4/Windows PS4 review code provided by publisher Absolver is a martial-arts based action RPG set in a beautiful world...

    Indivisible Preview: Something To Look Forward To

    Indivisible is the new game from Skullgirls developer Lab Zero Games. Indivisible was successfully crowdfunded in 2015. They have released a preview of the game for backers to show the people who pledged money how the development is progressing

    Darkest Dungeon Review

    Review: Darkest Dungeon

    Irish Indie Game Development Update

    I want to give you guys a quick run down with what's been happening in the Irish Game Development scene within the last while.

    Review: Affordable Space Adventures

    The first thing you’ll see when starting up Affordable Space Adventures is a collection of postcards, informational pamphlets, and general touristy bits and bobs. All...

    The Longest 5 Minutes review: A JRPG Distilled from Better JRPGs

    Despite a good start and its many sterling qualities, TL5M is shackled by its temporal premise.

    None of That Weak Sh!t: Lethal League Blaze Coming to PC...

    Earlier today, Team Reptile dropped a trailer for a sequel to their beloved baseball fighter, Lethal League, called Lethal League Blaze. Not too much...