Absolver review – Near Perfect Combat, Infuriating Lag

    Absolver Review - Near Perfect Combat, Infuriating Lag PS4/Windows PS4 review code provided by publisher Absolver is a martial-arts based action RPG set in a beautiful world...

    Indivisible Preview: Something To Look Forward To

    Indivisible is the new game from Skullgirls developer Lab Zero Games. Indivisible was successfully crowdfunded in 2015. They have released a preview of the game for backers to show the people who pledged money how the development is progressing

    Perception Producer, Amanda Gardner, on Perception’s First Week and the Future...

    It's been just over a week since Deep End Game's premiere indie game Perception came out on Steam, PS4, and X-Box One after the...

    Review: Guns of Icarus Online

    Guns of Icarus Online is a heavily team based multiplayer, which deviates greatly from a typical FPS game. Choose between three classes: Captain, Engineer,...

    None of That Weak Sh!t: Lethal League Blaze Coming to PC...

    Earlier today, Team Reptile dropped a trailer for a sequel to their beloved baseball fighter, Lethal League, called Lethal League Blaze. Not too much...

    NORTH Review – A Haunting Experience

    The strange environments and stranger inhabitants combined with a wonderfully creepy soundtrack added up to very disquieting experience. NORTH wasn’t enjoyable, but that seems like the point; it would be unfair to judge it in those terms.

    Bioshock Level Designer’s Premiere Indie Game, Perception, Out Tomorrow

    Deep End Games highly anticipated premiere indie game, Perception, will be released on PS4, Xbox One and PC on Tuesday, May 30. Deep End Games is based in...

    Interview with Quim Garrigós, Director of YouTubers Life.

    Recently I got the chance to talk to Quim Garrigós, the Director of U-Play Online's hit game YouTubers Life. I thought I would take...

    Dream Daddy Feels Like a Prologue for a Better Dating Sim

    It breaks my heart that visual novels (and dating sims, which fall under the visual novel umbrella) aren't more popular in English-speaking countries. Despite...

    Flat Kingdom launches next week!

    Flat Kingdom will officially be released on April 7th