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    Fary Cry 6 review

    Far cry, we meet again. The Far Cry series and I have had our ups and downs. Far Cry 3 for me still symbolizes...

    Far Cry New Dawn review – The Apocalypse Has Never Looked...

    With Far Cry New Dawn, Ubisoft delivers a new twist to the milked-out concept of the post-apocalyptic adventure. Instead of the clichéd weathered cities...

    The History of FPS: From Gibs to Grenades

    The term “First Person Shooter” Is now a household phrase linked to big franchises such as “Call of Duty”, “Battlefield” and “Halo”. The FPS...

    Far Cry 5 review – Wildlands Does North America

    Fans of the series will appreciate the familiarities and bask in the new direction. Lapsed fans have many good reasons to come back and those who are new to the series are probably experiencing the series at its very best

    Ubisoft to release 4 new AAA games in the next fiscal...

    In Ubisoft's annual earnings report released yesterday, the French publisher promised to release 4 AAA games over the next fiscal year. That means these...

    Far Cry Primal Review

    Far Cry Primal is Ubisoft's latest contribution to the Far Cry series and it's anything but Primitive!

    Ubisoft Carve PlayStation 4 Out of Stone for Far Cry Primal

    Ubisoft releases a new video for the promotion of its upcoming action-adventure title, Far Cry Primal, that features a PlayStation 4 being carved entirely out of stone.

    Far Cry Primal: Win a trip to a cave

    Ubisoft are presenting gamers with a unique opportunity...will you be one of those booking your latest getaway with CaveBnB?

    Check out the PlayStation Plus free games for December here

    Sony is ending 2015 with a bang by offering six free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers this December.

    Far Cry Primal officially announced!

    Ubisoft have officially announced Far Cry Primal, the latest edition to the games series. Check out the official release trailer here.