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    Gamestop Announce 20% Extra Trade Bag Incentive

    Gamestop has previously introduced deals in the States where they've increased the cash offer to match the credit...

    Latest GameStop Digital Deals Have a Western Flavour

    The latest batch of GameStop Digital Deals has announced fresh deals that will be taking place in their American market until the 8th of...

    GameStop US Increase Cash Offer to Match Store Credit

    Gamestop US has announced a fresh deal that will mean that your trade-in value will be the same whether you choose cash or store...

    GameStop Increases Trade-In Value for PS4 & Xbox One For a...

    GameStop has announced that they are raising their trade-in credit value for both PS4 and Xbox One consoles for a limited time. So if you...

    Gamestop Confirm Price and Release Date for C64 Mini

    It has been confirmed that Gamestop will be stocking the highly anticipated C64 Mini, the most sought-after retro console of 2018. This news will be music...

    GameStop and MMA Fighter Team Up For UFC 3 Celebration

    GameStop Ireland has teamed up with former UFC star Paddy "The Hooligan" Holohan for a celebration of UFC 3's success in Ireland. UFC 3...

    GameStop unveils their new Fashion collection

    Back in August, we were invited to a preview event for GameStop's new fashion collection, but due to all the post-Gamescom coverage, we had...

    GameStop to close over 200 stores worldwide due to poor sales

    With the closure of over 200 GameStop stores, are we beginning to see the end of physical copies of video games being sold to...

    Gamestop Getting Into Publishing

    GameStop’s first foray into publishing is set to be Insomniac Games’ Song of the Deep. Song of the Deep is a small passion project reportedly being worked on by about 15 Insomniac developers.

    All Halo 5 pre-order bonuses can be earned in-game

    343 Industries studio head Josh Holmes has revealed on Twitter that while preorder packages guarantee that you will get particular weapons, armor, and skins when you start, everything can be earned in-game