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    Virtual Reality might just become the world’s most powerful educational tool

    I’ve been mulling over how we educate our citizens, having watched students and teachers struggle for the past year and a half, with the...

    The American Dream review – Foreclosure of a Dream

    A clever-ish shooting gallery with excellent visuals, some good dialogue and a lack of mechanical precision. While the message is interesting the first few times it's winked at you, by the end of the game it is literally screaming in your face.

    Bravo Team review – One Dimensional but Still Interesting

    A bit boring, a bit limited. But Bravo Team will still be a hit with PSVR owners looking for a dry, military shooting gallery.

    VR Gears Up For Game-Changers In 2018

    The floodgates are open where virtual reality gaming is concerned. There are new games coming out all the time, and there are enough of...

    The Inpatient review: Slow, Short, Scary

    Supermassive deserve huge credit for the, albeit brief, window into Blackwood Mountain’s dark history. The Inpatient is quite an appetiser for those invested in the series but newcomers to the series might be a little more let down by the brevity, the slow pace and the mixed bag of controls.

    Neko Atsume is Coming to VR in 2018

    For those who might not remember, Neko Atsume is the mobile sensation in which you customize a backyard and feed groups of hungry cats...

    Farpoint DLC Called Cryo Pack Announced By Impulse Gear

    The first installment of DLC for the VR title Farpoint has been announced by Developer Impulse Gear. This free DLC is called Cryo Pack. It will give...

    What is the Ataribox?

    Maybe I've been staring at a computer screen too long dreaming of a Blade Runneresque, dystopian future or maybe the Ataribox is a VR/wearable...

    E3 2017: Sony PS4 & PSVR – Watch here LIVE

    E3 2017: Sony looking to steal Microsoft's thunder Happy Monday, boys and girls! Sony's E3 show begins at 6PM PT/9PM ET or 2AM GMT (that's UK&I) After...

    Farpoint VR review – a competent, important VR shooter

    Farpoint PlayStation VR for PS4 €59.99 (game only), €89.99 (game & Aim controller), Farpoint is playable with a stock PS4 controller Review code and Aim controller supplied by publisher Farpoint...