PUBG Update #19; Re-Introduces Dynamic Weather, Some Bug Fixes

    With the battle-royal genre becoming crowded, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds needs to get the lead out and this is the first step apparently.

    F1 2018 preview – “And it’s GO! GO! GO!”

    The career mode of F1 2018 will see a revamp with a huge focus on off-track activities like R&D and media/team relations. The race weekends have more importance with testing and rivalries always giving a player something to drive for. While it didn't rain during my two race weekend playthrough but the in-game footage of adverse weather was impressive.

    FIFA 19 preview – Far from Finished but Massively Different

    0 played FIFA 19's preview build and were impressed. While the demo had many issues and could be a scrappy experience, it has potential. FIFA 19 seems to place more control in a player's hands with greater room for error as well as excellence.

    The Crew 2 Closed Beta Preview

    You can say a lot about Ubisoft, but in recent years the French game publisher has done well when it comes to supporting a...

    Onrush preview – Boring and Fairly Pointless

    Onrush is the new driving game from former Evolution Studios employees, the developers behind Sony exclusive Driveclub. Onrush is a car combat game which promises thrilling action but in this beta at least, it doesn't deliver.

    State of Decay 2 Streams Go Live Before May 22nd Release

    State of Decay 2 is in the Streamosphere today - catch EliteGamer guest streamer ObscureNameDigit for first impressions and important questions...

    Nokia 6.1, 7 plus & 8110 ‘Banana Phone’ Hands-On and Release...

    Nokia impress with their upcoming offerings. The 8110 is solid and snappy. Nokia 6 and 7plus carry a unique and attractive physical design that should help them stand out. At €249 and €399 respectively, they are a pair to be reckoned with.

    Deep Rock Galactic preview: A Rock Group that Knows How to...

    Deep Rock Galactic gives as much variety as can be milked from the game's admittedly limited premise. Some excellent design choices mean there is always more than one to mine a planet.

    Can the PS4’s Exclusive Games Line-up Keep Sony on Top in...

    While Sony brought us classics last year like Horizon Zero Dawn and Uncharted The Lost Legacy, 2018 could be an incredible year for PS4...

    Capcom Announce Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection

    With the 30th anniversary of Capcoms Street Fighter series just passed, Capcom has gone out of their way to bring us a smorgasbord of Street Fighter goodness in the form of a 30th-anniversary edition.