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    Mario Party Superstars Revealed

    Nintendo has announced Mario Party Superstars for Nintendo Switch. The game features five classic boards from the Mario Party games released on Nintendo 64, including...

    Guardians of the Galaxy Switch Version Confirmed

    The new Eidos game Guardians of the Galaxy is also coming to Nintendo Switch. That was revealed during the Nintendo Direct tonight. The game was announced...

    Metroid Dread announced for Nintendo Switch

    Nintendo has announced the 2D metroidvania game Metroid Dread. The company did so during the Nintendo Direct presentation tonight. The game should offer the classic 2D...

    Life is Strange comes to Nintendo Switch

    Life is Strange was announced for the Nintendo Switch during the Nintendo Direct. Both Life is Strange: True Colors and the Remastered Collection are coming to consoles. Life...

    Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania Officially Announced

    Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania was officially announced during the Nintendo Direct tonight. The game is a remaster of the first three Monkey Ball games:...

    Watch the Nintendo Direct from 6pm here

    Due to E3, Nintendo is broadcasting a Nintendo Direct today at 6:00 PM. This can be seen live below. It is still unclear what exactly...

    Nintendo Direct Doesn’t Disappoint with Super Smash Bros a Highlight.

    There was a tonne of big announcements at yesterdays Nintendo Direct event, but none more than confirmation that Super Smash Bros is coming to...

    What Will We See at Todays Nintendo Direct Event? Black Ops...

    Nintendo has confirmed that is hosting another Nintendo Direct event today/tonight at 10 pm Irish time/ 2 pm Pacific and 5 pm Eastern. So what...

    Nintendo Showcase Games Line-up for Christmas Period and Beyond

    Last night, Nintendo hosted the Nintendo Direct event which showcased all the games heading to Nintendo's consoles over the next few months; along with...