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    Going Medieval Announcement Trailer

    Welcome to the world of Going Medieval. Set in a post-apocalyptic 14th century Britain ravaged by the Black Death, you must lead a small band...

    Starlink: Battle for Atlas review – Toys Back to Life

    There is no wrong way to make a ship in Starlink: Battle for Atlas. Upside-down or asymmetric wings. Backward firing shotguns. Starlink lets a player loose in the star system Atlas with the most powerful weapon of all: the imagination.

    Castlevania Requiem review – A Basic Port of Two Classics

    Between tone-deafness when it came choice of voice tracks and the poor execution of image enhancement options, it seems like Castlevania Requiem is only too eager to take the path of least resistance and be really cheap to make up for it.

    The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset Review – A New Arena

    After an inauspicious start, Zenimax Online deserve recognition for growing the user base to 11 million users - Summerset feels like Elder Scrolls Online as imagined by a fan.

    Earthlock review – Bound to the Past But in a Good...

    Earthlock offers nothing new within the JRPG genre but delivers an authentic RPG experience that is worth a play-through

    Portal Knights review – Craft, Craft and then Craft

    Portal Knights is a breath of fresh air on the crafting genre. Whilst it is proven that the Minecraft formula works, it’s nice to see a simple RPG overlay to mix things up. It gives grumpy sods such as this games reviewer a window to climb through.

    The Council review – The Story So Far…

    The Council is a promising series that could do with that little bit of polish. Better voice acting or direction would be brilliant. One had flashbacks of cross dressing priests at the Christmas pantomime when one was a child.

    Dungeon Rushers review – Dungeon Rushed?

    One would have more respect for the title if it would have simply foregone the idle tale and put its efforts into polishing the gameplay. Dungeon Rushers is perhaps the most fitting name for the rogue-like dungeon crawler: Rushed

    Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds Review – An Excellent Addition

    If you’re hungry for another journey with Aloy, The Frozen Wilds is a must buy, as we will be waiting for many years for Horizon Zero Dawn 2. Or will it be called Horizon One Dawn?

    Absolver review – Near Perfect Combat, Infuriating Lag

    Absolver Review - Near Perfect Combat, Infuriating Lag PS4/Windows PS4 review code provided by publisher Absolver is a martial-arts based action RPG set in a beautiful world...